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In today's business environment, a presence on the web is not only advantageous but often expected. Whether you are looking for a basic brochure-style site to inform visitors about your business' goods or services, a data-driven web application, or a combination of the two, The VB Programmer, LLC has the requisite experience in scripting languages, databases, front-end design, and multimedia to develop a professional website that suits your needs. We can also modify, enhance, or upgrade your existing site.

Data-Driven Web Applications

Data-driven web applications are dynamic websites those that allow visitors to interact with the web pages in a number of different ways for any number of imaginable purposes (making an appointment, applying for a job, ordering a product, updating an article, managing membership in an organization, requesting information from a database based on specific criteria, and the list goes on). Such web applications may also encompass administrative functions that allow you to maintain data behind-the-scenes that affect what visitors to your site see (such as product lists, survey questions and answers, and content areas such as FAQs, news and events, links, and tesimonials). Administrative functions may also include the ability to run reports.

Data-driven websites will use a database system (such as SQL Server, Access, Oracle, or MySQL) on the back-end server along with scripting systems such as ASP, PHP, Perl, etc. As the user, of course, you need not be overly concerned with the details of database structures and scripting languages - that's our job!

Two recent projects, described below, further illustrate the concept of data-driven web applications:

Dynamic Content for Outdoor Market Management Firm
Beginning with an existing static HTML website, we were tasked with adding a great deal of dynamic functionality to existing static HTML site for a Washington, DC based firm specializing in the development and management of outdoor public exhibitor markets. This was accomplished using ASP and SQL Server. A membership process was created to allow exhibitors to create their business profiles as well as to register for particular market events. Several back-end administrator functions were created to allow the firm's principals to set up events, manage exhibitor profiles, and manage event registration. Setting up an event includes specifying the date range for the event and specifying the content that will appear on various pages throughout the website related to that event. The event-related content automatically appears on the appropriate pages of the site once the administrator specifies that the event content should be shown, up until the last day specified for that event. Functionality was also added to allow the administrator to set up post-event surveys for both exhibitors and patrons. Detailed screen shots of this site (PDF format) can be viewed here.

Dynamic Content for Executive Recruitment Firm
Added dynamic functionality to existing static HTML site for a Philadelphia-area firm specializing in executive recruitment for the healthcare industry. This was accomplished using ASP and SQL Server. Processes were created to allow administrators to set up available job opportunities for presentation on the site and to allow job-seekers to register and apply for available positions. Also, functionality was created to allow the administrators to set up a set of pages that are accessible to guests that register with the site (this allows the registered guest access to white papers, industry links, "hot candidate" listings, etc.). Screen shots of this site (PDF format) can be viewed here.

Brochure-Style Websites

A brochure-style website is typically a static set of pages designed to inform visitors about your business' goods or services. There is no back-end scripting or back-end database, and little or no interaction with the web pages by the visitor other than navigating from page to page. (A minor exception to this would be sites that use a form on their "Contact Us" page rather than a straight e-mail link. A contact form does require a little back-end scripting.)

For many small businesses, a brochure-style site is just fine - you just want to establish a web presence and let the people know who you are and what you do. At The VB Programmer, LLC, we have designed several such sites. We will work with you to structure your site in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

Listed below are links to some brocuhure-style sites we have done. (These sites are not purely static, as they all have contact forms and some of them have photo-gallery type functionality.)
EzzyBear's Handyman & Home Repair    Seven Dragons Acupuncture    KMR Enterprises    Fletcher Restorations & Improvements    GAP Management

For examples of purely static brochure-style sites, we did create three sample sites early on to jump-start our portfolio. These can be viewed by clicking on the links below:
Beauty Salon     Law Firm     Doctor's Office

More examples and information about our web-based projects can be viewed on our Projects page, under "Websites / Web-Based Projects".

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